zbar office
extra-judicial and arbitration procedure

This is the cheapest and at the same time the quickest way of recovering the receivables from the debtors. Keeping contact with your business partners, ZBAR company regularly updates all the relevant information concerning their business actions.

We contact your clients personally, by phone or by mail.

If it happens that your debtor has sold his company, made fundamental transformations in its legal or property rights, or no longer runs the business, without any extra charges, we provide you with his current address, examine the case and take all the necessary measures to clarify the situation.

As we conduct our proceedings, we continually negotiate with the debtor motivating him to settle his debts voluntarily. What is more, at the same time, we hold the talks concerning the deadlines and the ways of current debts repayment, including interest rates.

While negotiating, we use also other forms of pressure but our methods are always consistent with the law.

In the course of our talks we always make sure that our proceedings do not have negative influence on your relations with your business partners.

Stages of our proceedings:
  1. We trace the whereabouts of a debtor,
  2. We inform him that your company has transferred your receivables to us and summon him to settle his debts,
  3. We take specific actions in order to make your debtor settle his debts voluntarily,
  4. We negotiate the way and the deadlines of debt repayment,
  5. We keep monitoring the deadlines of repaying the instalments in accordance with what has been decided before.

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