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Dear Sirs,

We are pleased to offer our services in the range of debt vindication.

Our office - ZBAR windykacja wierzytelnosci (ZBAR vindication of debts) - has available the entire range of activities permitted by law to serve transactors, and moreover specializes in debts vindication for its clients. We work for companies of a very diverse organizational structure - both small and big ones. Significantly, we cooperate even with firms which already have their own vindication departaments. What is more, we have an impressive collection of letters of reference from our clients.

For fourteen years we have been specializing in all kinds of activities connected with debts. Our basic offer is legal help in the range of debts vindication, but we assist also in court vindication, prepare legal reports and make detailed and precise business inquiries.

We have a lot of useful contacts in the whole region of Poland, a thorough knowledge of business law in force in our country and we employ a group of professional experts. Offering our efficient services, we are deeply interested in cooperation with your company.

Moreover, we can help you in recovering the receivables within the borders of Lithuania, Germany, Chech Republic and Slovakia.

Should you find our proposal of interest to you and should you have further questions, please feel invited to discuss them with us.

All methods used by us are totally discreet and legal.

Nowadays, most of the companies in Poland have to face many problems connected with ensuring their financial liquidity and exceeding the deadlines of recovery of the receivables. As a result, very often they have to take on many commitments in order to function properly.

When financial liquidity of a comapany is endangered, the effective cooperation with your business partners becomes severely threatened. Some of the companies try to help themselves by obtaining credits but this involves facing many additional payments, which, of course, should be avoided.

The optimal solution in this case is entering into close cooperation with a company such as ZBAR windykacja wierzytelnosci (ZBAR vindication of debts) which provides the entire range of legal activities to serve transactors and specializes in debt vindication for our clients.

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