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monitoring of payments

Nowadays many of your business partners do not meet basic payment requirements such as, for instance, paying on time, which often entails a threat to the financial liquidity of your company. As a result you are forced to seek new sources of financing your business activities and, what is even worse, you may exceed the deadlines of your payments. Thus, you run the risk of losing the good name of your company.

As doctors say, "prevention is the best medicine", so you should make sure that your business partners do meet the deadlines of their payments.

Therefore ZBAR company offers its professional services in monitoring of your company’s current payments.

By monitoring we understand getting in touch with your business partners in order to remind them about the deadlines of payments, and if the need arises we take immediate steps to exact the payment of the arrears owed to you.

The main purpose of our monitoring is to reduce the risk of a hold-up in payments. It is important to be in a permanent contact with your business partners in order to remind them to cover existing liabilities or, if there is already a hold-up, to set a tight deadline of repayment of receivables as quickly as it is possible.

Our experience has taught us that the faster we perform the vindicating actions the higher chances you stand of clearing of debts.

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